About us

GO4Q is a service offered and operated by it-werke Service GmbH.

GO4Q enables any adult consumer with an email address, a mobile communication device (smartphone) and a valid payment instrument to order spontaneously any appealing merchandise. Consumers can use the same technology to pay convenient and securely at any GO4Q enabled POS. Specific NFC Technology is not required and GO4Q usage is simple and easy.

GO4Q enables any business to propose goods and services to consumers on all suitable physical and electronical surfaces. Such GO4Q extents the vending surface removes restrictions like opening hours and shelf availability.
GO4Q is a product ideally suited for all businesses and merchants, striving to extent their vending surface and turnover without pre-sales investment.

GO4Q provides all necessary system to create suitable QR codes, receive orders and payment. Retailers have merely to send the merchandise and care for service.

GO4Q builds on the existing financial infrastructure and service of bank accounts and credit cards and is such enabled to offer globally mobile shopping and payment.
Our successful concept and widening acceptance help GO4Q to become the leading solution for mobile shopping and payment.

Benefits from experience.
We have since 2003 successfully operated payment and loyalty systems. Customers use our biometric security systems for identification and rapid, secure and convenient confirmation of transactions.

Our systems use state of the art technology assuring smooth and reliable operation. Partners like SAFRAN or IBM translate competence, performance and trust. We have developed and patented procedures for electronic networks which provide for transaction protection and highest security of sensitive data.
GO4Q is operated by it-werke Service GmbH, registered under HR 391587 in Freiburg, Germany.
it-werke Service GmbH is part of the it-werke group having its registered office in 77933 Lahr, Galgenbergweg 4, Germany.