What is required to use GO4Q mobile shopping?

A smartphone with a QR-code reader.

Why do I need the GO4Q App then?

To follow your impulses and to make shopping more convenient. E.g. once enrolled you don't have to enter your shipping address or payment information. At the same time, the GO4Q App provides for an increased security. Sensitive data are no longer handled in the public domain. All operations are done in the protected GO4Q security environment.

Can I pay with GO4Q?

If you GO4Q, your smartphone becomes a mobile wallet. GO4Q mobile payment is possible wherever you find the GO4Q mobile shopping logo at the entrance.

GO4Q - is it safe?

Absolutely! Because transaction data are only handled inside the GO4Q security environment. Orders or payments are only executed if they are confirmed by your personal security pin. Communication is based on a patented protocol.

What happens if my phone is stolen?

Nothing! - GO4Q does not store personal or other critical data on your mobile device.

I want to use GO4Q for mobile shopping and mobile payment - what is required?

Go to the www.go4q.mobi homepage and press the appropriate button. Select "register as customer". Please enter a valid email and select a password to start.
GO4Q will ask you for your name and shipping address. You will also have to indicate a valid payment means. Your enrollment is confirmed by mail.
Along with the confirmation, GO4Q will send you a paring code which is required to personalize your phone. You will be asked to enter this code, the first time you scan a GO4Q code.
Once your phone is personalized, you select your personal 4 digit security pin (PSP) which will be used to authorize any further GO4Q transactions.
That's all! - Welcome to the world of SEE SCAN SMILE.
Each user has his personal myGO4Q-account. myGO4Q is where you edit your data. It gives access to all transactions and payments.

I want offer my customers GO4Q for mobile shopping and mobile payment - what is required?

Go to the www.go4q.mobi homepage and press the appropriate button. Select "register as retailer". Please enter a valid email and select a password to start.
The GO4Q retailer registration requires your name, corporate name and address. A valid bank account is required to receive payments. On finishing your enrolment, GO4Q will send you an email asking to confirm your registration.
This completed turns you into a GO4Q-retailer, entitled to generate and place GO4Q codes for all products and transactions desired.
Your registration and code generation is free of charge. GO4Q is entitled to a commission if turnover is generated by GO4Q.
Each retailer has his internal GO4Q-account. myGO4Q is where you edit your data. The internal GO4Q account gives access to all transactions and payments and provides you with the mobile payment terminal.

What is "Mobile Payment Terminal"?

"Mobile Payment Terminal" is a GO4Q Service, enabling shops and restaurants to accept GO4Q mobile payments without dedicated interface. A simple smartphone or tablet is sufficient.

The GO4Q App.?

The GO4Q App is presently available for Android and iOS.

Which payment means are possible?

Presently direct debit, SEPA , major credit cards and PayPal might be used as payment means.

Are there limitations to GO4Q?

GO4Q is striving to provide you a SEE SCAN SMILE experience. It is however possible, that your payment instrument is not accepted by all retailers. Thus your GO4Q payment might fail. For your safety and protection payment transactions are verified at issuer level. Anomalies might lead to a rejection.

What does "Pairing Code" mean?

A pairing code is automatically generated by the system and used to personalize your phone. You receive your paring code with your confirmation mail. The pairing code can also be found in your personal GO4Q space /my data / mobile phone. If you reinstall the GO4Q app, the pairing code is required. You are asked for the pairing code the first time you scan a QR code after installation of GO4Q.

What does "Password" mean?

When you GO4Q (i.e. when you register), you have to indicate an email and a password. The password can be chosen at will. Email and password are required to access your internal GO4Q space. The password can be reset by asking the system if forgotten

What is "Personal Security Pin" (PSP)?

The PSP is required to confirm all GO4Q transactions.
The Personal Security Pin is chosen by the user when personalizing (pairing) his phone. This is commonly done immediately after pairing the phone. The PSP is not stored and cannot be reset. If forgotten, the GO4Q app has to be re-installed.

More about GO4Q?

Please go to our downloads page or refer to our terms of use for more information on GO4Q. Downloads